Sheri Din

Gold International Diamond

“Jeff is an amazing man, one who can step up and be many things to people, depending on what they need. But the one thing that remains consistent with Jeff is his generosity, his kindness, both in words and in his actions.

He is always ready to listen with a kind ear and a kind heart. Jeff is a go-getter who pushes himself and his Team to ever greater heights; he is an inspiration to me and certainly a tough act to follow”

“What Sheri Teaches”

What can be a better deal than to be recognized and rewarded for teaching and helping people gain extra wealth by helping a lot of people get better health?! It is simply the most awesome combination!

Network marketing is truly a business that favours no special creed or color. It rewards those who believe in their dreams, keep positive thoughts and take positive action. It rewards performance. In August, I made a decision and a declaration to myself and some of my closest partners that I was going for Gold! I knew it sounded outrageous to some but my thoughts were clear, positive and firm. Acting on those thoughts, I began designing my strategies and working my plans. And with the grace of almighty God, I achieved my dream! After seventeen months into the business, I made Gold International Diamond in September 2005. What an amazing sense of accomplishment it was for me and my Winners team!

I want to thank all the people who supported me towards this goal with inspiration, motivation and prayer. My deepest appreciation and love to my upline leader Jeff Altgilbers who has been with me every step of the way on this great and wonderful journey.

Illuminate ’09
What Do You Do To Illuminate Your Team’s Potential?

Let’s build our dreams! Let’s have fun making lots of money together! Let’s create history!These are some of the mantras my team leaders and I continue to drill into the hearts and minds of our team members. It’s about unleashing the power of each individual with collective positive thinking and the tremendous force it carries when combined with team energy. The first 4 GIDs of 4Life in South East Asia came from the Winners4Life team. This did not happen by luck or coincidence. We planned our individual achievements by having all the leaders in our team meet their own targets and reaching their own goals and achievements. We did it together, collectively as a team.

Zig Ziglar said, “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” I call my team “Winners4Life” because of the power the meaning of the words bring to us. My team leaders and members are people from many different career backgrounds and across many age groups, with many different characters and personalities. We bring to the table our individual experiences, expertise and shortcomings, our strengths, our fears and weaknesses. And we also bear our hearts and bring to the stage: our dreams.

I believe that the only way that many people can work together on a common purpose is if there is sincere love for each other’s success and personal achievements. Although it is difficult to manage at times, it is something I and my top leaders continue to work on without tiring. I believe that building harmony, understanding, trust and love for each other in the team is one of the most important aspects of teambuilding, stability and success in our business.

My leaders and I regularly conduct Oscar style celebration events to highlight the success of individuals in our team. At these events, our team members illuminate each other’s lives, hopes and dreams. It’s a night of encouragement, praises and appreciation; and of achievements and glory. At these events, the achievers are applauded and cheered for. The shy and timid are gently pushed and persuaded. The struggling ones are encouraged. The new ones are inspired and motivated. At these events, everyone is made to understand that he/she is a winner. And everyone leaves believing he is a winner and that there is nothing to fear, because he, like everybody else has great potential for tremendous success. And one day soon, it will be his turn to shine! It’s a night of inspiration!

I also organize centralized training and motivation events several times a year, with the bigger purpose that our members grow to love each other more and bond closer as brothers and sisters in our big Winners4Life family. We listen to each other’s stories, all the joys and pains, the excitements and the struggles, and we listen to each other’s dreams, until we want for our team mates all that they want for themselves.

I can picture as if they’re my own dream, of GID Sadik Din’s huge Balinese-style villa by the sea with several horses running free, and GID Akram Din’s exotic holiday locations on the hillsides of Bhutan and crossing the Silk Road over rail and road and donkey carts, stopping along the stations to get to know the local people, eat their food and drink from their well-water, and GID Fadzli Salim’s super-big house that has its own bowling alley, games room and football field… These are dreams that all of us in my team have held as our own. All the GIDs, the IDs, PDs and QDs, each one sharing his own glorious dream for everyone to imagine and enjoy its flavor and beauty!

But every human being will have bad days when everything seems just a little too much, when the troubles seem overwhelming and the burdens are a little too heavy to bear alone. These are the times when the love and trust that has been continuously forged among the team members, go a very long way. Supporting every member across different sub-groups is not an easy thing to do, without sincere love. If we continue to think in terms of upline-downline organizations only, then our support line is limited to a very few individuals. But in our team, our support comes from everyone and everywhere. We teach our team members that the Universe is abundant with favors and has plenty to give to each and every one of us and that it has enough and will never run out, no matter how much it gives out! The Universe in all its majesty and magnificence, is happy to grant ALL of us great wealth and happiness!

And since the Universe is happy to give us all that we want, what is stopping us from asking for its highest favors! Why not ask for the most beautiful dreams in our heart in all its splendor?!

So, every opportunity we get, we weave the threads of courage and freedom to dream, and we push everyone to the edges to throw away their mild and timid dreams and convert them into the most wild and ravishing dreams! Simply because, the Universe wants to give and is waiting patiently for our call!

And we teach our members that the only competitor we have, is ourselves. For things to change, we have to change. Our lack of belief, lack of self discipline, lack of internal motivation, our fear of the unknown… these are our enemies. Everything else and everyone else is on our same side…, simply because we share the common vision of achieving the brightest future with 4Life, our partner in success.

So, at every occasion we get, we teach all the important principles of success. We remind each other about the importance of focus, belief and commitment, of determination and perseverance, of hardwork and discipline, of sincerity and integrity, of openness and sharing, of love and trust. And we teach and remind each other about the service to many. Jim Rohn teaches, “Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.”

Winston Churchill said that “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Only in a loving, strongly-bonded team can these temporary ‘failures’ be met with sincere pats on the back and big smiles of encouragement.

I am blessed to have met 4Life because only with this wonderful opportunity, can so many people touch and make a difference to so many lives. Many thousands of lives have changed and will continue to change forever with 4Life, our partners in success!

Sheri Din