Hermineo and Yadira Nevarez


Platinum International Diamond
Puerto Rico

In Their words…

Herminio: I never thought that the decision to join 4life would impact my life so much, as well as my Family and so many other Families!

Our lives are Free from dept, and we have been able to buy new cars. We have been able to remodel and fix up our home. We enjoy a life of Freedom, and we have TIME… time to travel, time to spend with the children.

Yadira: I used to get up everyday at 5:30AM to get our children to school on time. Then I’d go to work, and after work I’d hurry to pick them up at school.

I would live this grinding routine everyday never having a quality life to be able to enjoy our family. Since this opportunity has entered our lives I can take the children to school completely relaxed and pick them up relaxed and watch them play sports.

In the years that we have been with 4Life we have seen so many people who had nothing at all, and their lives became totally transformed! You see the smiles on their faces. Their entire lifestyle hasbeen changed and I am not talking about just money. They have grown spiritually and for that they are wealthy both ways.

Herminio: What sets 4Life apart from other MLM Companies is the quality of the people behind it. 4Life has people of Integrity, Values and Principles. This gives me security and peace of mind knowing that they will be here tomorrow.

Our products are unique, patented and we are in a niche market. Our Compensation Plan has made the dreams of so many come true, it is a perfect package of opportunity!