Success Stories

Lin Chi-an


Before 4Life I was single and raising my 5 year old child. I was struggling with my job as a professional pianist working nights and being away from home. I always dreamed of being a mother who could be at home with my son, helping him and reading to him in the evenings. But I was always working and away even during the Holidays.

I went to Anthony Robbin’s Trainings and learned how to think positive and realize I am not a prisoner to fate, that I must look for ways to change my life. That happened when I joined 4Life! I was introduced to 4Life by Jeff Altgilbers. He took me to the 4Life office in Taipei and I met many of his leaders.

He shared his experience with me, and I went to work calling people and we would have them come to the 4Life office, and many times we would meet at StarBuck’s with prospects. It all came together very fast, and I made International Diamond!

When I look back, I remember what Anthony Robbins said in his Trainings and his book “Personal Power” “The Past does not equal the Future!” When my thinking changed, then Opportunity just came my way!

There are 3 amazing things that happened to my life! First I met Jeff my Mentor who eventually became my Husband. The second is our Baby Arthur who is now 18 months! And the Third becoming a Leader in 4Life Research! All this came into my life so fast because I made the choice to not give up and have Faith in God!

Since that time we are now blessed with 2 children and have traveled the World meeting our 4Life Family. 4Life changed everything for me!