Sadik Din

Platinum International Diamond

“I got to know Jeff in April 2004 when he introduced 4Life to my sister Sheri Din. Jeff was sincere in his desire to help us build a successful 4Life business. From that point onward, Jeff became our family friend and he came to several of our family’s event’s and visited our homes.

Jeff helped us a lot during our first year in 4Life. He paid for the meeting rooms. He paid for our advertising campaigns because he knew we didn’t have much money.

During our festive season in October 2004, I was broke, having spent a lot of money building my business. One day Sheri handed to me $1000 Singapore dollars, saying that Jeff had given it to me for the festive season. I was very grateful to have such compassionate people around me that care so much.

Jeff is a truly humble leader who helps other people achieve happiness in this world. Jeff helped make us what we are today. A few months before I achieved Platinum rank, Jeff called me several times and encouraged me strongly to work for that level.

I will always remember Jeff for all the support, kindness, and love he has given to all of us.”

Sadik Din
Platinum International Diamond

“What Sadik Teaches”

The more you give, the more you will get. A simple principle that I apply dedicatedly & teaching my frontline leaders to teach their people as well. This principle has been taught by all religions of the world and is directly related to network-marketing business. This is also the main reason why self-centered people cannot succeed in this business. You can never get without giving first.

Being 16 years in this industry & more than 4 years with 4Life has certainly taught me a lot about my life’s purpose, the role I have to play on this earth and what exactly im looking for in this world. My organization has grown bigger and more stable since I began to realize something which is more important, more bigger than my own personal fulfillments and my own personal dreams, that is bringing and teaching values to the people around me.

To me, the real value in this business is education. To educate people how to educate others on how to seek and acquire true happiness through a powerful vehicle – 4Life Research. This ‘life changing business education’ has never been taught in most schools and now we are here as teachers to teach about the real thing all human beings wanted very badly in their lives – Time and financial freedom, to stay healthy, to be what they want to be, to do what they want to do, to be where they want to be, to contribute and give values to the society, to live a much happier and meaningful lives and to become a truly happy person.

When I focus on values, it gave me the real sense of responsibility towards mankind knowing that I have the knowledge and power to change the lives of millions of people around the world. When I teach values, my leaders become more powerful and yet humble and they managed to expand their business and share with more people that before this they wouldn’t dare and in doubt because now it is about giving and not about personal gains.

The bonding that I have with my people have always been good and strong and I always look forward to know closer as many people as possible in my organization. I want them to know that I sincerely wanted them to be part of my family and are always welcomed to my home for a chat or discussion. My wife, Hasnimah has always been very supportive, welcoming the downlines and treated them very well. This has reduced the attrition rate dramatically because people will stay much longer and finally stick with the business if they like you and feel happy to be with your family. I also have the chance to impart my knowledge to the downlines many levels below thus making that organization much more stronger.

Another important factor that has contributed so much to my organization growth are the trainings that we put up as a system which we call ‘Winners Success System’. I believe all groups have their own system which is very crucial for long term success in this business. I am fortunate to have a dedicated and committed sister, GID Sheri Din and brother GID Akram Din that from the beginning have contributed so much ideas, energy and time to develop ‘Winners Success System’, creating a clear path so that others with dreams and vision can follow and see clearly the huge success that awaits them.

I’m always concerned with the the rapport and communication with all my key leaders. Almost everyday I will be calling or getting calls from them. I also make it a point after every Business Opportunity Presentation or Training not to go home straight but to stay back and hangout together with my people to discuss about our business strategy. I am thankful to god for blessing me with powerful and committed leaders like GID Fadzli Salim, ID Nadzrul, ID Salim Raghavan, ID Rasid, ID Tajuddin, ID Yenti, ID Sulairi, ID Hj Zakaria, ID Dr Eduard, ID Dr Sani, ID Dr Azif, ID Ramos and many others in the organization that have worked very hard in contributing to make this world a better place for everyone of us to live in. My only hope is that all these leaders will continue to work together, sincerely love and help each other in bringing values to the people around the world.

I believe everyone in this world whether rich or poor will want to do this business seriously if they understood the real value that they can bring to mankind and their role and responsibility as a human being on this earth. They have the power to change themselves, to change the world and making this planet a better place for everyone. Thank you God for blessing me with this priceless knowledge, and success and making me the person I am today. Thanks to my mother for her continuous prayer . Thanks to my wife and children for their prayers, sacrifices, support and love. Thanks to David and Bianca for giving the world Transfer Factor and this great opportunity, and to my late brother, Mohammad Din (may peace be upon you) for being the first person to educate me on Network Marketing and has taught me a lot about this world. May God bless you and family with eternal happiness. Thanks to Sheri, Akram, Jeff Altgilbers and all my downlines. May all of our dreams come true and may God bless all of us with TRUE HAPPINESS