Juan and Damaris Rosado


Platinum International Diamond
Puerto Rico

In Their Words..

Juan: Thanks to this opportunity with 4Life we have been able to accomplish so many dreams! One of those dreams apart from buying a house and a new car is being able to help other people with this great opportunity and see their lives changed by it!

Damaris: We have been blessed to see so many lives changed. People who had nothing that today are materially and spiritually rich. 4Life nurtures 4 Values in its Leaders, they are: (1) The Value of that individual (2) Equality (3) Love and (4) Freedom.

Juan: This is the time to make a decision and take advantage of this opportunity. Look at your life. Are you where you want to be? The Timing could not be better than NOW! With 4life we are creating a better tomorrow. We are looking for people who still have the courage to believe in their Dreams. With them we will change this world!

Where would my wife and I be if we had not made the decision to join this great company? Look at all the wonderful things we would have missed out on. Before 4Life I was a security guard, standing in a guard shack working hard just watching cars. I made so little money and our family could barely survive. Back then it seemed like our Dreams were just an escape place from the reality we experienced everyday.

When I saw this opportunity I knew it was my chance to leave this life of scarcity and survival. It took courage, and a Choice. Stay where life was meaningless or Act with Faith that God will bless your Choice. Once you make that Choice you will never be the same again… Never!