Akram Din

Gold International Diamond

How has your involvement with 4Life helped illuminate your own life?

In Feb 2002, after working more than 10 years as an engineer, I was hit with retrenchment. I searched in vain for a job, any job, for the next 2 years and have used up my entire savings. I was overdue in my mortgage payments and have maxed out my credit cards. Desperate, I surrendered all my insurance policies for cash even though I had to suffer huge losses. Still, the job never came and it got so bad that I even had to sell my broken down television set for $25, to buy groceries, after my piggy bank ran out of coins.

In May 2004, my sister Sheri asked me to come along and listen to the 4Life talk in Singapore, given by Jeff Altgilbers. I have dabbled with one other MLM before but never saw any success. After hearing about Transfer Factor, I made up my mind then that I was going to work at this unique opportunity and that decision changed my life.

My first bonus cheque was $140 and I was less than delighted. The second cheque was more than $400 and by the 3rd month I was earning a decent 4 figure income! My business and my income continued to grow and I became a Gold International Diamond in July 2006.

Today, I am proud to say that through this business, I have cleared all the credit card debts that have haunted me for years. I have also bought my 1st car, a BMW 525, and moved out from my small low cost government subsidised flat to a condominium in town facing the sea. Now, I’m happy that I’m able to give more to charities, can afford to go on holidays and have even started to invest!

I can’t imagine how my life would have been if I have not jumped at this fantastic opportunity that 4life brings. Ten years of hard work as a professional engineer left me with nothing but 4life has illuminated my life in just a few years. I thank God and the entire 4Life family for this blessing and God willing, I will continue to share this blessing around the world.