About Jeff

I was raised by my parents mostly in Winchester, Tennessee. I moved there from Toledo, Ohio at the age of 13. I made friends with students who played music, and they stuck a microphone in my hand when they where practicing some songs and they asked me to sing. I became their lead singer, and music became my passion.

After High School I was soon introduced to MLM. In 1978 I joined Forever Living. The product tasted horrible but they said aloe vera was a great health product. So I peddled those yellow bottles from my car.

In 1993 I joined a company called Enrich (now Unicity) and became a top income earner quickly in the company. I moved to South Carolina after buying a Antebellum Greek Revival home (circa:1860) and spent years restoring the house and playing music with a band.

I loved Carolina life. the Revoluntionary History of the town I lived in, and I was able to stay at home and work my MLM business from my house doing conference calls, and talking to Leaders via internet & Phone.

When herbal products became common and the market very competitive, I heard about Transfer Factor and 4Life Research. They had the edge I wanted, and stood alone in Transfer Factor Science. In December 1998 I joined 4life. I did not bring anyone from my Team that was in Enrich (now Unicity) I started from ground zero, running Ad’s and building with new leaders. At that time I was the first one to become International Diamond (top pin) in 90 days!

Some people will say I came in at the right time.. but the truth is you lose most of your leaders in this stage. We had only one product then (Transfer Factor) and people loved it. But we did not own the patents then, and many leaders (including myself) felt insecure that the men who did own the patents would sell to another company, and we would lose everything.

Back then you could call 4Life and be on hold for 30 minutes waiting to place an order. Finally later, David Lisonbee bought the patent holders out, and that secured our Flagship Product.

Another weakness was our compensation plan. It’s payout was very shallow. It was easy to be blocked back then by people who did not want to build a business. Finally after years of hoping for a change it did happen and 4Life created the Compensation Plan that it is today. It was good for the Part Timer and the Professional Builder.

4Life had the slogan “Taking Transfer Factor Around The World” but it was years before that became a reality. In 2003 they began registrying the products in Asia. I decided to leave the US and move to the island of Guam since it was central to all Asian countries.

I started working South Korea and developed the First International Diamonds there. Later I went to the Philippines where a friend and great leader Teri Shuler was getting a Team started. We rented an office and began our pre-market build.

While I was in Manila, I continued to pursue my love for music. I met a man who (Jun Tamayo) I shared some songs I had written. He loved the songs and was a brilliant guitarist and his brother a talented pianist. We started recording songs I wrote in China, Taiwan and India and other countries I spent time in. Some of those songs you can hear at Myspace/jbluesongs or click on the link “Songs By Jeff” on this website.

After that I went to Singapore and met Sheri Din. She joined me and together we worked Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand together. It was alot of traveling, and it seemed everytime when we got to the Singapore border, Sheri would have to pay several speeding tickets, because they have cameras everywhere that clock your speed! It became a joke to us.

Later I started working Hong Kong and China with Teri Shuler. I spent over 3 month’s traveling and working in China. Many joined us, and I met wonderful people all over China and I saw incredible historic places, it was a great journey.

4Life later opened in Taiwan and that is where I met my wife Michelle who is also a International Diamond. I traveled by bus and train doing meetings all over that country.

When I was told by 4Life Thailand was a country they would go in, I rented a condo in Bangkok and opened an office. I traveled all over that country and saw another culture so different from the rest.

Later, I was asked by Teri Shuler to help her open India. I flew back to the US in 2007 and stayed in Salt Lake City for 10 days with Teri, and had several meetings with Corporate about India, and they finally agreed to give it a go.

Teri and I lived in India and like all the other countries I experienced, we traveled all over India doing meetings.

In 2009 I moved back to Charleston, South Carolina when Michelle and I had a new baby born! His name is Arthur. I named him after a Missionary friend Arthur White from the island of Guam. After being away from the US for more than 5 years it was an ajustment.

My focus now other than Family life is my song writing and helping others become Mentors in 4Life. I love helping people, that has been the reason why I became successful. This website will be a place where people can gather and learn. Its my desire to help other’s reach their Summit’s and coach and train others how to do it. Let me know who you are, I enjoy meeting new leaders who want to be successful!

God Bless,

Jeff Altgilbers