Mr. and Mrs. Fadzli Salim

Gold International Diamond

Fadzli was skeptical about network marketing, but once Platinum International Diamond Jeff Altgilbers and Gold International Diamonds Sheri Din and Sadik Din introduced him to the 4Life opportunity, he was convinced it was worth his time. With only a few coins and a scooter to his name, he began prospecting. He struggled and sacrificed a lot with his family. But then he received his first bonus check of $143. “I just knew that number would grow,” he said.

After 13 months, Fadzli went from being a qualified Diamond distributor to becoming the youngest Presidential Diamond in the Southeast Asia region and earning a rewarding income. And he isn’t alone. Fadzli’s entire family now shares the vision of Together, Building People “Among my family members, I have three International Diamonds, four Presidential Diamonds, and five Diamonds. I am very proud of our success.”

“I knew that I would reach the rank of Gold International Diamond,” remarked Fadzli. “I couldn’t ever give up because it was only a matter of time.” Fadzli recognizes that his success with 4Life is a progressive journey. He shares his enthusiasm for the opportunity to keep learning, caring, and improving. One of his main goals through his experience is to support members of his group so that they can keep moving forward in their journey, achieving the Gold and Platinum International Diamond ranks for themselves, too.

When asked about his motivation to build his 4Life business, Fadzli said, “I realized that money is not everything. What inspires me the most is when I share the products and the opportunity with others and see how the impact of the 4Life products and opportunity can lead to a more meaningful life.”

Muhammad Fadzli Bin Salim grew up in a family of ten children from Jurong West, Singapore. He is a natural sportsman and especially enjoys soccer. Today, he enjoys life with his wife Siti Zuraidah Bte Kasi and their daughter Sofea Quraishah.