Linda Emerson

Ontario, Canada

Have you ever experienced total professional and personal disaster?

I had just entered one of life’s very wintery seasons after rising to the top of a small network marketing company. My business began to unravel when the compensation plan was changed.

I had been introduced to Jeff Altgilbers and 4Life Research 2 years earlier and became a member of 4Life for product only. Two years later, I was financially bankrupt, my marriage fell apart, my oldest son was on the brink of death with a brain injury, my youngest son was in trouble, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I experienced two hurricanes back to back. Then I received a phone call from Jeff telling me it was time to do more than just order product. One year later, by the grace of God and with the excellent support of Jeff and Dave Daughtrey who helped me climb out of winter into spring, I achieved International Diamond.
Now, seven years later I am enjoying a life style made of dreams. I am able to help others, especially my parents. I have just purchased a small farm in southern Ontario, Canada and life is very good. The mlm promise of time freedom is achievable.

I am so grateful to my leaders and their excellent team work, Upline who really care, 4Life and their consistency, and God who blesses our work.
I invite you to take a good look at us and do what we do. You will never be sorry.

See you on the back 40….
(An old farm expression)