Predictions about Email and Text Marketing in 2021

December 15, 2020 10:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

– Consumers will get more emails, texts and push notifications in 2021 than ever before as brands try to develop more direct relationships with customers amid the pandemic and economic fallout.

– Consumers began to notice an influx of emails from brands and other organizations in the early days of the pandemic, as businesses sought to keep them in the loop about closures, safety protocols and programs like curb-side pickup.

– Getting consumers to opt in for loyalty perks or shop with them directly via an app also should give marketers a way to more easily send personalized messages even after privacy changes.

– The additional outreach will lead to increasingly cluttered inboxes, so expect marketers to build on their messaging programs, including text messages

– Marketers will reduce budgets for traditional corporate sponsorships next year, in part since ratings around sports have been down and stadium attendance will be reduced or removed going into next year.

– Some brands will reallocate budgets to cheaper opportunities like e-sports to continue reaching large audiences but with more flexible contracts.

– Marketers will focus on marketing more on “neighborhood-level” efforts with more geographically targeted messages.

– The coming year will provide a final chance for marketers to educate themselves about the impact of the cookie-less future and to prepare for it. The most important action involves improving access to, and effective use of, their valuable first-party data—and ensure agencies have a clear plan for placing and measuring campaigns after the change.

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COVID-19 has driven a surge in sales of newly built homes as consumers flock to suburbs and rural areas for more space and affordability while taking advantage of flexible working options,in response, brands will scramble to transition from urban-oriented messaging to more geographically targeted efforts to engage with local neighborhoods.

Post-pandemic, business leaders must be clear-eyed in evaluating their earlier forecasts and deciding whether to continue with related priorities or adapt to unexpected realities.

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